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VIP Card
Deluxe standard suite coupon 2pcs One-for-one standard suite coupon 2pcs
Two-for-one standard suite coupon 2pcs Standard suite upgrading coupon 3pcs
Chinese and western food buffet breakfast coupon 4pcs Café meal coupon 2pcs
Café beverage coupon 4pcs Banquet room coupon      4pcs
Entertainment coupon 2pcs KTV coupon 4pcs
Sauna coupon 2pcs Free fitness coupon(2 hours) 4pcs

*Favorable clauses and instructions:
一、Favorable rates:
   Deluxe standard suite   RMB 350/suite per night (net price)
   Business standard suite   RMB 380/suite per night (net price)
   Deluxe single room   RMB 380/suite per night (net price)
   Business single room   RMB 420/suite per night (net price)
   Family standard suite   RMB 460/suite per night (net price)
   Featured single room   RMB 460/suite per night (net price)
   Standard suite     RMB 660/suite per night (Complimentary breakfast)
   Featured suite     RMB 790/suite per night (Complimentary breakfast)
   Luxury suite     RMB 1310/suite per night (Complimentary breakfast)
二、VIP discount for breakfast:
 1)20% off for set meals at Chinese restaurant on 4F (excluding miscellaneous items)。
 2) 20% off for other mealson 4F (excluding miscellaneous items)
 3)12% off for consumption at Mingcheng Café on 2F and the lobby bar (excluding liquor and cigarette)
三、Check-in without registration and deposit (Registration is required if real name registration is not conducted when the card is bought. The favorable policy will work for the next check-in.)
1. Priority to book rooms;
2. Priority to book banquet rooms and seats, no limit of minimum consumption for compartment;
3. Check-out can be postponed to 14:00;
4. 10% service fee is exempt for laundry service;
5. The rechargeable card can be only used for personal consumption and shall not be used for conference, group guests, or wedding banquet. When using the card, guests cannot book more than 2 tables or more than 5 rooms.
6. The rechargeable card cannot be used for featured promotions of the hotel (such as gift bag of Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes, new year gift bag, etc.)
7. The card will be taken back by the hotel if the card holder stops recharge the card when the card balance runs out.
8. Huangpu Hotel reserves the final power of interpretation for "Huangpu VIP Card".

Sales hotline: (025) 84069999-6101, 6108, 6189, 6198

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