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Huangpu hotel fire evacuation drill in 2012



   In order to further implement the fire safety requirements, and improve the management level of fire safety in huangpu hotel, on June 20, 2012 I hotel held a fire evacuation drill. Due to the organization fully, closely cooperate with each department, the expected results have been achieved.



         In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the hotel's deployment in Zhu Mingliang under the leadership of general manager, the security department plan, organize and implement the fire drill. This fire drill activity, leadership attaches great importance to the hotel, a well-planned, staff, serious and responsible, to ensure that the practice activities.



     In the process of practice, Zhu Mingliang performance in the field, general manager of command, drill orders, to observe the drills, control of practice work, the team work in an orderly way. Equipment to ensure the power of the group can cut off the scene of the fire in the first time, shut down the elevator and gas valve; Evacuate group can correctly guide personnel evacuated from the nearest fire escape quickly; HouQinZu can do a good job in the scene of the fire materials supply; Fire fighting action group of fire extinguishers for actual operation; Security group is responsible for the scene of the security work, other personnel evacuation of fire area, prevent irrelevant personnel and vehicles to enter the scene; Emergency ambulance assistance in treatment of the wounded and transfer.



           Through this fire evacuation drill, not only for the hotel staff and volunteer firefighter has accumulated experience in the fire drill, make the staff have to use the fire extinguisher, learned about the dangers of fire, also many contingency plans for the actual operation, provides the reference to further strengthen the employees' safety awareness and emergency evacuation, self-help ability, and as a real accident emergency action provided valuable experience.


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