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   Jobs Vacancies  Location  Expiration date  Published
Dishwasher 2 The hotel to wash dishes    [2014-02-11]
Huaiyang cuisine furnace head 1 In the hotel kitchen  30 days  [2014-02-11]
concierge 2 The hotel main entrance  For a long time  [2014-02-11]
Attendant on this floor 2 Nanjing  For a long time  [2014-02-11]
The cafe attendant 5 Nanjing  长期  [2014-02-11]
Chinese restaurant waiter 5 南京  For a long time  [2014-02-11]
VIP queries 2 南京   For a long time  [2014-02-11]
The public areas waiter 2 南京  For a long time  [2014-01-08]
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